1. Always buy from a reliable fireworks dealer.
  2. Always read and FOLLOW directions on the label.
  3. Never experiment with, modify or attempt to make your own fireworks.
  4. Never throw or point fireworks at another person.
  5. Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  6. Fireworks should be shot by a responsible ADULT only.
  7. Choose an open area and beware not to shoot fireworks near buildings, structures, autos or trees.
  8. Always place fireworks on a flat surface to avoid tipping over of the fireworks while shooting.
  9. Keep a bucket of water nearby. The fireworks may seem to have finished the display but may re-ignite and need to be extinguished.
  10. Never try to re-light fireworks. Some wicks are slow in reaching the point where the display begins. Do not approach the fireworks thinking the piece did not light. Shoot another piece and return to the first piece at a later time.
  11. Do not position your head above the fireworks when you are lighting them. Some fireworks have an shorter wick and ignite quickly.
  12. When Sparklers are used, remember to wear closed-toe shoes to protect from falling sparks. The metal sticks would need to be removed from the lawn to prevent accidents while mowing.
  13. Keep a clear head and use common sense. Do not shoot fireworks while under the influence of alcohol or medications that may alter your judgment.
  14. Never shoot fireworks that have been altered in any way. Shoot them as they were meant to be shot. Do not put them in any type of container while shooting. This could cause extreme injury.
  15. Fireworks are meant to be watched and enjoyed by all ages. Fireworks should only be shot by and adult. Keep the celebration safe by being mindful that lighting fireworks is and adult activity and care needs to be taken to assure the safe use of all fireworks.



  1. Barrage – rapid-fire repetition of an aerial effect, such as roman candles.
  2. Brocade - a spider-like shell burst pattern. Generally has silver tail effect, and is brighter than willow or tiger tail- style bursts.
  3. Dahlia - a burst pattern similar to a peony, but with larger and fewer stars.
  4. Fish - a type of aerial effect that looks like a swarm of glowing objects flying around randomly. The effect is created using small chunks of fast-burning fuse that actually propel themselves through the air when lit.
  5. Flowerpot – when a shell explodes prematurely in the mortar, spraying the effects into the air like a mine.
  6. Glitter – a tail effect consisting of bright flashes of light and small explosive bursts.
  7. Mine  – a firework similar to a shell that explodes in a mortar, igniting effects such as stars and launching them in a fan-shaped pattern into the air. Not to be confused with military land mines.
  8. Palm - A shell containing a relative few large comet stars arranged in such a way as to burst with large arms or tendrils, producing a palm tree-like effect. Proper palm shells feature a thick rising tail that displays as the shell ascends, thereby simulating the tree trunk to further enhance the "palm tree" effect.
  9. Strobe – bright stars that each flash repeatedly . Also refers to a consumer fireworks device that emits a series of extremely bright flashes.
  10. Star – small pellet that emits light and sparks as it burns.
  11. Willow - Large round aerial display that resembles the many thin branches hanging down from a weeping willow tree.